Tool-free assembly,
big bright displays
& easy transport

This sums up the philosophy of our products.
We design and build portable exhibition stands in your corporate colors. What’s more, they’re quick and easy to transport and set up, with or without professional assistance. In the right place, at the right time!
Your visual communication tools will be more effective and you’ll be able to keep your costs under control. Our selection of light, modular structures forms the basis of a wide range of innovative solutions.

Think modular_

Our displays are quick to set up, with an endless number of possible combinations.
All our solutions can be intelligently adapted to different needs, such as promotional events, conferences, points of sale and offices.

Print on textile_

Graphics printed on stretched fabric are perfect for use at events. They are light, which makes them easy to transport and set up.
Printing new displays gives you greater flexibility at reduced cost. They’re durable, crease-free, and washable. Digital sublimation printing gives them an unparalleled, stunning appearance with brilliant color execution.

Save time_

Give yourself more freedom. Save time and money when it comes to assembly, transport and storage.
Our displays are a smart and sustainable investment. And the best possible use of your event budget.


Textile Displays

Fast, simple & efficient!
With a stretchable fabric cover that slides directly over the structure and covers the entire tubular aluminum frame, the Textile Displays combine elegance with high impact. The display is perfectly stretched and thermal sublimation printed in four colors onto the fabric, which results in exceptional color rendering.
No tools or skills are required! Everything can be easily transported in a bag or trolley and set up in record time.

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Helios Light Boxes

Helios Light Boxes are fully portable, only take a few minutes to set up and will flood your stand with light.
New LED strip technology opens up a wide range of creative solutions whenever your company takes part in events, including showroom design. The stretch fabric display is trimmed with a silicone edge, which is inserted into the aluminum profiles. This ensures that your display is kept taut and can be adjusted to perfection. All you have to do is plug it in and it's ready.
Give yourself more freedom! Everything that you need can be stored in a carefully designed trolley, which keeps your display safe during transport.

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Wall BeFrame

The Wall BeFrame is a suspended lightweight aluminum structure that lets you attach your display to the wall. Available with or without LED backlighting, our profiled frames are designed for quick and easy assembly.
Do you sometimes want to say something different? It only takes a few minutes and costs very little to change your display. The graphic printed on stretch fabric is trimmed with a silicone border, which means that it is perfectly stretched and adjusted to the frame.

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Our Outdoor collection is fully customizable and combines daring design with an uncompromising search for high quality manufacturing. Our goal is to provide you with ultra-reliable inflatables that are just perfect for advertising media at all your outdoor events.
A unique polyester and extremely strong industrial yarns are used to make sturdy products and with guaranteed, long-lasting stability and airtightness.

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