Air Tent Cocoon.

Air Tent Cocoon

This combination of daring design and very high quality workmanship has allowed us to create a perfect and reliable structure for use as an advertising tent at all your outdoor events.
It will mark your presence, allow visitors to shelter from the rain or sun and create a separate area where you can meet your customers.

Our constant pressure tent model has been designed to combine practical solutions with additional functionality. It is characterized not only by innovative tailoring, but also by its practical approach to the needs of the user.

Our carefully selected, extremely durable polyester was used to manufacture the supporting structure. This material has two key advantages. First of all, it has a smooth surface with high hardness, which ensures that the tent keeps its shape. Secondly, it is extremely airtight, which eliminates any risk of air leakage.

When creating our product, we also took care to limit the risk of damaging the most fragile parts of the structure. For this reason, our inflatable tent has been finished with the best components.

Its structure has been reinforced with double-strength industrial threads. Each seam is covered with a special flexible TPU tape, which provides high resistance to abrasion, cracking or tearing.


. Outdoor displays are machine washable at 30°.
. Would you like to communicate a different message? All you have to do is change the displays used to cover the structure!
. Our premium model is available in 4 sizes: 300, 400, 500 and 600 cm.
. An inflator and a large, sturdy transport trolley are provided with the tent.
. Optional LED light

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Price request
Width Height Depth Weight
300 cm 260 cm 300 cm 30 kg
400 cm 340 cm 400 cm 33 kg
500 cm 430 cm 500 cm 37 kg
600 cm 500 cm 600 cm 45 kg

Price request

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